Be Feel Think Do Digital

Be Feel Think Do Digital

$199.00 CAD

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- Dr. Wayne Dyer - I Am Light - Live in Montreal (+/-3 Hour Video)

- The Emotional Belly (+/-1 Hour Video)

- $100 off future live workshops 


This course is based on our deep inner need for growth, unconditional love, and “soul-realization.” This healing program is designed to dive deep into the soul of our being, heal old wounds, and reconnect with our inner essence.

Led by spiritual coach Anne Berube, this spirit-affirming, transformational program looks at different models of understanding from the wisdom traditions of Vedanta and Huna, new research in epigenetic and positive psychology, as well as the teachings and energy of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

With this program you will:

- Deepen your experience of self-love
- Learn how to connect with your unlimited source of joy
- Learn to tap into the creative dimensions of your being
- Reconnect your identity with your “I Am” essence
- Practice techniques for healing suppressed emotions
- Connect with your ultimate calling: your spiritual reason for being

The program includes the following exercises:

- Guided meditations
- Visualization exercises
- Shamanic healing energies
- Automatic writing and journaling
- Soul exploration, inquiry, and contemplation

50+ Videos delivered over 4 weekly modules 

Although the work is often challenging, the breakthroughs experienced in these sessions are life altering as they help connect us to a deeper, soul-connected, meaningful, and sustainable source of happiness.